Neroli & Wood

has been designed to make you vibrate.


Few scents are as eloquent and revitalizing as citrus. That is why we have selected grapefruit as the top note, seeking to transport you to a quiet afternoon in the blue tropics. The environment is completed with Neroli, extracted from orange blossom, and Petitgrain, enhancing that citrus sensation of sweet freshness. The final touch of Guaiac Wood is designed to seduce you and make you stay while enjoying your own natural paradise.

fragancia neroli 1


Experience maximum hydration and repair of your skin and hair
with the power of Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Almond Oil.

aloe vera


Aloe Vera is the base of the collection. Its high moisturizing power, together with its soothing and protective properties, will guarantee that you look beautiful and healthy hair and skin.

aceite de argan

Argan oil

Argan Oil, in addition to providing hydration, is responsible for repairing damaged skin, providing all the softness and elasticity that your skin needs. And an incomparable luminosity in your hair.

Aceite de Almendras

Almond Oil

Almond Oil provides great hydration and helps to regenerate both the skin and hair fibers.

the Neroli & Wood collection

It regenerates both the skin and the hair and thanks to its ingredients and fragrance it is ideal to disconnect and have “YOU” moment.

Neroli & Wood’s exclusive formula does not contain parabens. We know Nature gives us the best ingredients for your Care and well-being. The presence of parabens can enhance the stability of some cosmetics however at Argan Meadow we are using no harmful ingredients to give you the most secure and great products. We’ve created a powerful moisturizing and repairing cosmetics using only the best ingredients.

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