White Muguet

designed to bring you Spring


The Lily of the Valley brings us spring, sweetening the atmosphere in a unique way. It blooms under an almond tree, in a warm and protective shade. The humidity raises earthy notes that float along with the greenish bitterness of the Galbanum, transporting us like a gentle breeze to the Costa del Sol.

fragancia white muguet


Experience maximum hydration and repair of your skin and hair
with the power of Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Almond Oil.

aloe vera


Aloe Vera is the base of the collection. Its high moisturizing power, together with its soothing and protective properties will ensure that your hair and skin look as beautiful as they are healthy.

aceite de argan

Argan oil

The inclusion of Argan Oil, in addition to providing hydration, repairs damaged skin, providing all the softness and elasticity your skin needs. And an incomparable luminosity to your hair.

Aceite de Almendras

Almond Oil

Almond Oil provides great hydration and helps to regenerate both the skin and hair fibers.

The White Muguet collection

Our White Muguet collection is an invitation to discover a lost valley somewhere in the Mediterranean. A journey to the heart of our roots, to our most lively nature.

White Muguet’s exclusive formula does not contain parabens. We are confident that nature provides us with the necessary ingredients to achieve the best possible care. Not all skin and hair react in the same way to the presence of parabens in beauty products. On the contrary, at Argan Meadow we rely on a powerful triad of moisturizing and repairing agents to support our formulas.


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