Black for Him

Inner Peace

Woody and Spicy

The Scent

Top notes: Sandalwood

Heart notes: Black pepper

Base notes: Amber

The Ingredients

Argan Oil
Aloe Vera
Bamboo Extract
White Tea

The fragrance of the “Black for Him” collection is an iconic mix of classic male notes whose result is inspiring. The spiced Black Pepper and the robust Sandalwood, when mixed together, give each other a different dimension, an earthy and woody perfume that elevates the spirit and relaxes the mind.

The rough sea waves the black Pine cliffs resistant to the elements. The sky and the water melt in a black canvas where we can only feel the smell of the damp wood of the boats anchored along the seashore.

The resinous notes of the Amber build the indulgent sandalwood and control the warmth and robustness of the unusual black pepper.
Its fragrance is warm and powerful and encourages a journey in search of merging body and mind.

The Black for Him Collection is enriched with organic Argan Oil and Aloe VeraWhite TeaBamboo Tea.

Its formulas nourish, smooth and revive skin and hair:

• El Argan Oil enhances the softness and elasticity of the skin repairing it.

 White Tea which is the most powerful natural antioxidant thanks to its high level of polyphenols that help keep skin bright and supple.



• Aloe Vera it is recognized for its high moisturizing power, in addition to protecting the skin and being a natural soothing for skin and hair exposed to aggressive external factors such as pollution or sun.

• White Tea  that promotes the elasticity of the skin thanks to its high concentration of silica, responsible for rebuilding collagen.